Stuff My Professors Say: Spring 2014 Edition

This is why I occasionally pay attention in during lectures.

“I have a wine glass. Not because I am an alcoholic, because I need the brain power.”

“I won’t just give you a study guide. This isn’t Obamacare.”

“If you pay attention, this class will be easy. If you don’t, it will be like 800 devils and a headache.”

“Any physics majors in here? Anyone a physician? That’s not right, is it?”

“You don’t have to sit there not knowing something. This isn’t the 1980s.”

“Am I talking about SiO2? You bet I’m talking about SiO2!”

“You’ll have to throw away some of your babies.”

“All I did over Spring Break was drink beer and play with my dog.”

“Do you just do things for Instagram followers?”

“I don’t know whose phone is ringing, but you can do better.”

“Maria, as soon as you leave we are going to do a secret fun thing.”

“You didn’t get a zero on your ethics paper unless you wrote about why everyone is singing that song from Frozen.”


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